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  • If you run your air conditioning system during the day, keep your windows closed at night to prevent cool air from seeping out- costing you more money.

  • A system that is properly sized for your home should cool it down between 1-3 degrees an hour. A system that is oversized but cools down your home faster won't make it feel more comfortable as it won't properly remove moisture.

  • Filters are used for both heating and cooling, so continue to replace filters regularly.

  • We recommend that you keep the fan on your air conditioner set to 'on' rather than to 'auto' to help circulate air throughout your house constantly. This will help keep the temperature even throughout the home.

  • Have your system checked by a qualified technician yearly to ensure it is running as it should be.

  • Maintain your air conditioning by hosing down the outside compressor unit to clear debris (make sure to turn off power first) or have one of our certified technicians do it for you!

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